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How Much Does It Cost To Have a Swimming Pool Installed In Backyard Garden?

Building your own swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to have fun and excitement for the kids. There are several ways you can build a swimming pool.

Here are some rough estimates for different types of swimming pools

1) For an above the ground pool you can estimate to about $1500 to $5000

2) For an below the ground pool with vinyl lining you can estimate up to $ 7500 to $ 15000

3) A plastic in ground swimming pool with cost you about $12000.

4) For a blow the ground with fibreglasses walls you can go with $ 15000 to $25000

5) Finally for a below the ground pool with concrete walls you can assume an estimate of $20000 to $45000

Normally below the ground pools are costlier than above the ground swimming pools because of obvious reason of labor cost for digging in the ground and installing all the necessary plumbing and filtration systems.

Of course these are just rough estimates just for your information and don't take these as finalized estimates. The final cost will be obviously different and will depend on a lot of factors.

How Much Will A Swimming Pool For Kids Cost?

Instead of constructing a swimming pool just like the one for adults there are many great options available for a kid's swimming pool. You can easily make use of those foldable inflatable water features and start using them right away. The biggest benefit of these toys like features is that they are extremely affordable and kids love them. 

Here are some options to look for

How Much Fee Do Swimming Pool Maintenance Companies Charge On A Monthly Basis?

Hiring a swimming pool maintenance service is a great way to actually enjoy swimming and forget about whether it will he healthy or not. With proper research you can have several options available in your local are which will free your time and you'll have a beautiful pool , where you can enjoy quality time with your family. here are some of the tasks the pool cleaning service or agency is expected to do under their services.

  • Take care of water chemical balance
  • Clean physical particles falling in water with a net
  • vacuum bottom of swimming pool
  • Check proper functioning of flirtation system
  • Clean side walls and bottom surface to remove any residual dirt.

With all these you can expect a cost of around $100 to $150 per month of fee. Of course this is just a rough estimate and they will vary depending upon size of the pool and many more factors. Make sure you ask for quotations from at least 3-4 agencies and then negotiate.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Swimming Pool Completely Filled With Water Ready To Swim?

Actually it's simple mathematics

1) Find out volume of swimming pool in cubic feet. For example if the pool is 80 feet X 50 feet x 8 feet then it's volume is 80x50x8 = 32000 cubic feet

2) Find out how many gallons of water this volume will hold. Well, it's 7.48 gallons per cubic feet. So our example pool will hold 32000 x 7.48 = 239360 gallons of water

3) Find out how you will be filling the pool with such as a) Garden hose b) pump etc. Normally the 1/2 inch water line will push 5 gallons per minute or 300 gallons per hour. With this rate it will take approximately 780 hours or 33 days.

Now that's a lot of time that's why what you can do it talk to your local fire department and see if you can tap to a "Fire Hydrant". This will pump the water with 5000 gallons per hour instead of just 300 gallons per hour. You'll save a ton of time. You can ask the local authorities to bill you based on your usage. 

How To Prevent or Remove Algae formation in a swimming pool?

Here is a short video on how you can remove algae from your swimming pool ( Video Length is 8:18)

Is It Ok To Drain Swimming Pool Water In Garden For Plants?

Swimming pool water contains large amount of chlorine for killing bacteria. If you drain the pool water directly into garden then there is a possibility that plants won't be able to withstand the higher percentage of chlorine.

That's why it's not advisable to directly drain the pool water into your garden.

What Is The Minimum Type Of Maintenance Required To Keep a Swimming Pool Healthy?

It's necessary to keep your swimming pool fresh, clean and healthy so that you can enjoy swimming in it for hours with your family. However when it comes to maintenance very few people are ready to take initiative and provide time for it's maintenance. 

Many people appoint a professional agency to do the work and pay them a monthly fee to do this job. No matter how you do it it's necessary to keep it clean so that it adds value to your real estate and your life too.

Here is the minimum type of maintenance that's required to keep any swimming pool fresh and healthy.

1) Cleaning it manually - This requires manually removing dust particles and any smaller physical object that are fallen in the pool or floating ion water. This may includes leaves from surrounding plants, dirt. If not taken care of these things get rotten and collect and cling to each other. They get heavy and get settled to water bed. This heavily promoted growth of algae and turn your water into a green bed very fast. That's why once in a week remove all the physical particles that fall into your pool.

2) Chemical Balance Of water - There are several elements involved in this.

a) Chlorine levels - For maintaining chlorine levels you can buy it from market in the form of tablets  or granules. Normally these are placed in a chlorinator in which tablets or powder are placed and it floats of water surface. However some people have reported that floating chlorinator has a chance of turning up and spilling everything in the water at once. That's why the second type is the inline one which is installed in water return line plumbing.

b) pH Value - Neutral value of water pH level is 7. Normally it is scaled from 0 to 14. If your pool water pH is less than 7 then it has become acidic and anything above 7 are alkaline. To balance the pH of your pool water you'll have to add pH increasers (bases) or pH decreasers ( acids) depending upon what results you have got while testing.

c) Total Alkalinity - You must test the levels of Alkalinity weekly for the following readings

For Gunite and concrete pools - 80-120 ppm
For Painted, and fiberglass pools - 125-170 ppm

One easy way to get started is to buy a swiming pool testing kit which includes everything in one box to get started.

How To Apply Chlorine In A Swimming Pool

Here is a short video where the person shows you how to apply chlorine in the form of tablets in a swimming pool very easily.

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