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What Are The Essential Factors For Building An Outdoor Fish Pond

If you are interested in building and maintaining a healthy fishpond outdoors then there are some things that you must follow.

Firstly when you build a fish pond you build an artificial ecosystem and this must get balanced in the same way as a natural pond otherwise you'll have hard time maintaining it.

Build your fish pond in such a way that it takes care of itself. Here are some simple rules and requirements.

1) If possible keep the water flowing so that fresh water brings in enough oxygen for the fish.

2) If outdoor climate it too hot then oxygen will evaporate quickly and that's why flowing water is good in such cases.

3) Don't put too many fish into pond. Fish will create too much solid waste which produce a lot of ammonia which can be harmful especially for goldfish.

4) Proper filtration, aeration and circulation are the three golden rules of any healthy fish pond.

5) Clever use of aquatic plants will help you prevent algae formation which turn your water green. Leaves of aquatic plants will block any extra sunlight entering pond's bottom and prevent extra growth of algae.

What Is The Best Types Of Fish For An Outdoor Fish Pond? 

Here are some options to choose from

Goldfish Sunfish Koi

Most people use these because these are cold water fish.

However it's necessary hat you don't overcrowd the fountain reservoir with fish because the they grow older and also grow bigger in size. The bigger they grow the more solid waste they will produce and that will add more ammonia to water levels. This can be harmful for health of goldfish.

How Many Number Of Fish Are Enough In A fish Pond?

Actually it's very easy to find this out. First find the vole of your fish pond and then find out how many gallons ( or liters) of water it can hold.

For example of your fish pond is 10 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep then it's volume in cubit feet will be approximately 314 cubic feet. Now here are 7.48 gallons in a cubic feet. Which means that our example fish pond will be able to hold 314 x 7.48 = 2348.72 gallons of water. However one important point to consider here is your fish pond is not just a collection of water.

it will have decorations such as pebbles, stones, sand and even aquatic plants. So the actual amount of water will be little less than the mathematical calculation above.

For healthy living of fish it's necessary that overcrowding must be avoided. That's why many fish pond and aquarium owners use two set of rules to find out how many fish should be admitted

1) 1 inch of fish per gallon of water - Now as per above example it will mean a ridiculous thing to do. 

2) Surface area of water - The more the surface are of water will mean that more exchange of oxygen from water to air. If your top surface are is big enough then you can have one inch of fish for every 12 square inches of surface area.

But there is some flaw in this as you can see from the figure below. Even if their volume of two different waterbodies is the same it's surface are will differ and you can't apply any of the rules to both of these.

Not every fish will be 1 inch in length and on the other hand as the time passes they will grow bigger in size. That's why the easiest way to go about it is start with few species and see their behavior and health over time. Fish are living beings and they need exactly the same type of environment like in a natural pool. Another point to consider is they produce solid waste and too much of this will produce excess ammonia which is very harmful for certain species like goldfish.

One of the easiest ways to sole this is to avoid adding fish to your fish pond those will grow to big lengths.

How To Stop Pets (Dogs/Cats) From Jumping In Fish Pond?

There are several ways to prevent your dog, cats or any other pets from jumping into your pond.

However the absolute best way is to train them not to do so, which takes time.

During the period you are training them you can have a fence around your fish pond or cover it with a strong mesh net from top so that pets don't fall into the pond even if they try to jump.

I know covering your beautiful fish pond with a mesh on top can look ugly for some time but this is only temporary and necessary.

Preventing your dog from jumping into pond will require you to find out the reason why your dog does this and once you do that it will be almost an effortless job. You can train your dog yourself to do so using this simple process. Here are some options to choose from

How To Figure Out How Many Gallons Of Water An Outdoor Fish Pond Holds?

This is a simple mathematical problem and you can calculate it using the following formula.

First covert all the sides of your pond into inches and find it's volume.

For example if your pond measures

10 Feet Width X 10 Feet Length X 4 Feet Depth , then it's volume is

120 Inches X 120 Inches X 48 Inches = 691200 Cubic Inches

Now use a simple conversion factor to find out gallons

231 Cubic Inches = 1 Gallon


691200 Cubic Inches = 2992 Gallons

How To Avoid Fish In A Fishpond Getting Ill And diseased.

Taking care of your fish pond is absolutely necessary to avoid your fish getting any diseases. However even before you buy them it's necessary that you buy only fish that are healthy already. Most fish diseases spread by company t others and it becomes a big problem if not cured properly. That's why it's a good thin to learn how to identify healthy fish when you buy them. here are some pointers.

  • Always pick fish with big and bright eyes
  • See if they have black/white spots on their body
  • Avoid fish with missing or torn scales
  • Obviously avoid fish with visible parasites.
  • Even avoid buying fish from a tank in which other fish have diseases.

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